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florida Tax & Estate Planning

Florida estate planning attorneys or lawyers represent beneficiaries, heirs, charities or family members. The job of a Florida estate attorney is to negotiate an honest, fair and prompt response to any estate dispute or probate problem. Having a will improperly prepared using forms found on the Internet will often result in a will contest, trust litigation or probate lawsuit. In order to get cases resolved without costly litigation it is best to seek an experienced florida probate attorney. The goal would be to structure the settlement to protect the client's rights and get the best possible settlement terms, taking into account the tax ramifications of any settlement. In Florida we see in the news all too often that a family member, new spouse, dishonest neighbor or home health care aid ends up in a Last Will and Testament or Revocable Trust. Often that person refuses to negotiate fairly and in these cases it may become necessary for an estate lawyer or probate attorney to litigate to have the inheritance returned to its rightful owner. Whether an estate dispute to that point is an issue to be discussed with a seasoned florida estate lawyer. This attorney would be able to evaluate the merits of the potential litigation with a client. In a Last Will and Testament dispute, an heir usually has some evidence to support their claim that they were removed or kept out of a will or trust as the result of some form of deception. An experienced Florida wills, estates and probate attorney would investigate these claims to determine the true facts. The attorney then explains how the facts will work with the Florida statutory and case law that establishes rules regarding probate litigation and grounds for contesting the validity of a will. The Florida laws and rules regarding wills, estates, trusts and probate will assist the client in making the final decision on whether to continue with any legal action or to hire an estate attorney.