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Florida Real Estate Contracts

Real estate contracts are the conveyance vehicle of real property.  Or as normal people would say they are also called real estate purchase and sale agreements.  These agreements are actually legally binding contracts.  Real estate salespeople like to call them agreements but they are the primary tool used to transfer ownership of real property. All too often people seek the advice of a real estate attorney after they have signed the contract and at that point the attorney can only point out the ramifications of the signing of the contract.  Although no particular format for the contract is required by the state of Florida, most REALTORS and real estate attorneys use standard forms approved by the Florida Association of REALTORS and the Florida Bar (FAR/BAR contracts).

As previously stated real estate purchase and sale agreement are legally binding contracts.  These are actually very technical instruments which require a lawyer to pay specific attention to all of the details of the contract. When you wish to buy or sell real estate in the state of Florida the best way to be certain that you understand your rights and obligations is to hire an attorney before signing any contract.  You should always and should seek competent legal advice before signing not after. There are generally important deadlines in contracts and failure to meet deadlines can result in the forfeiture of a deposit.